JP Running Academy

JP Running Academy is a running club for children from 6 year old. Actually, we don't only run! We help the children to develop their potential by doing a physical preparation. What we do, all children should do it, this is the base for all sports (triathlon, badminton, football, basket ball, tennis...). In our club, we have some of the best triathletes of Malaysia for the categories from 9 to 14 year old but also some young kids who just started sport. They have a lot of fun by doing a good workout. They develop their endurance, speed,coordination & strength... 
Training includes various type of running, general physical preparation & stretching. 

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About the coach

Athletes are coached by Frenchman Jean-Pierre Lautredoux. Former international runner during 13 years for France Team on 5000m (13'27"), Cross Country (World & European champs) & half marathon 21.1km (61'43"-20th @ World Champs).
He's very experienced in all the running domains such as all types of running, physical preparation, physiology, diet...

Jean-Pierre stopped the high level in 1999 but he's still very active and even he's 47 year old, he's still the best "Malaysian" runner since he arrived in Malaysia in 2004.